Software Engineering Internship: A Full-Stack Experience

Interning with Numina this Spring has been an unforgettable experience. When I first had the opportunity to join Numina, I was an inexperienced, enthusiastic sophomore from Hunter College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math and Theatre. I received an offer from Numina after applying through CUNY2X; this was my first industry-level tech internship,Read More »Software Engineering Internship: A Full-Stack Experience

5 questions with Iben Falconer

We chatted with Iben Falconer, a Director at Gehl in New York City. Gehl and Numina have collaborated for deployments, research projects, and collaborative design sprints. She is currently working on strategy and partnerships for Gehl’s Innovation team.  MC: You’re currently working and living in NYC. How would you describe the city? What’s your favoriteRead More »5 questions with Iben Falconer

Announcing Numina’s API and Sandbox

Today, we’re delighted to invite you to peek into the future. In this future, Numina makes streets queryable, so you can build apps on top of the world’s data. From the beginning, Numina was designed to gather a comprehensive view of how streets behave — not just looking at car traffic like so many platforms,Read More »Announcing Numina’s API and Sandbox

Developer’s Annotation: Downtown Brooklyn Case Study

Hi there! This post is a developer annotation of a previous analysis published on the Numina blog. In this post, we’ll go through how a developer can use the Numina API to analyze detailed street-level data. If you’re interested in using the Numina API, please request access to our developer sandbox here. In New YorkRead More »Developer’s Annotation: Downtown Brooklyn Case Study

Proud to announce partnership with Ward Seven

Numina is proud to announce we are partnering with Ward Seven Business Partnership on “Walkable Ward 7,” a Vision Zero Grant-funded project to measure multimodal traffic safety in Deanwood, Washington, D.C. Ward Seven Business Partnership supports neighborhood associations and local economic development. Together, working towards Vision Zero, we will evaluate the impacts of temporary tacticalRead More »Proud to announce partnership with Ward Seven

Building privacy-forward IoT: Intelligence without Surveillance

In a previous post, our CEO Tara Pham shared the privacy philosophy that has guided Numina from the day it was founded up through present day, several years later. As a team, we know the value that data and technology bring to urban planning and street design. At the same time, we recognize the potentialRead More »Building privacy-forward IoT: Intelligence without Surveillance

Engaging Citizens in Collaborative Cities

In late June, two of the Numina team, our Product Designer Meghan Canale and Solutions Engineer Jennifer Ding, joined the IDEO CoLab and Gehl in Cambridge for a design sprint focusing on the subject of Collaborative Cities. One of the features of the growing “smart cities” movements is the ability to use real-time data toRead More »Engaging Citizens in Collaborative Cities

Numina Presents at Transit Techies NYC

The Numina Team had the pleasure presenting at the Transit Techies NYC Meetup #9 Skip-Stop Service on Wednesday, July 17 at Intersection HQ in Hudson Yards. Tara Pham, our CEO, introduced the Numina product to the crowd, and Pranav Badami, our backend software engineer, followed with a walkthrough of how Numina approaches its spatial filteringRead More »Numina Presents at Transit Techies NYC

Welcome, Summer Interns!

We’re excited to welcome our summer interns! Jasper, Leo, and Starasia are working across the stack with our engineers. We look forward to sharing some project highlights at the end of the summer!

Internship Project: Remote Sensor Monitoring using AWS Lambda

Introduction (to Internship) During the 2018 Fall semester, I applied for the CUNY 2X Spring Residency program with the hope of interning at an innovative company. This opportunity presented itself when I was matched with Numina. During my first two days with the engineering team, I learned about their unique technology stack and took partRead More »Internship Project: Remote Sensor Monitoring using AWS Lambda