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Meghan Canale and Danielle Harris

A conversation with Danielle Harris

Meghan chatted with Danielle Harris, Elemental Excelerator’s Director of Mobility Innovation. The interview has been edited for clarity and length. MC: Hi, Danielle! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me! I’d love to ...
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Naval Cemetery Landscape

Brooklyn Greenway Case Study: Pedestrian and Bicycle Activity in Public Spaces

While Brooklyn may be synonymous with warehouses and brownstones for many, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI) has a vision of a green, connected waterfront—26 miles for pedestrians and cyclists to move freely across the borough. Given ...
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Screenshot of Numina's Trash Detection Status

Product Announcement: Monitoring Trash on Sidewalks

Trash management can be a complex challenge in cities: Cities and businesses have different systems for managing trash pick-up, bins are overfilled, and trash overflows onto the streets. In New York City, reporters have even ...
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Jasper Presenting his project

An Internship of Firsts

Intro With a quick splash of water on my face and a glance in the mirror, I made my entrance. Wearing headphones and looking at his phone, Raphaël, Numina’s Computer Vision Engineer, sat alone in ...
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Interning at Numina: An All-Inclusive Data Science Escapade

After applying and speed-interviewing for the Summer 2019 Hunter TTP Residency, I was matched to intern with Numina. My nine-week internship was full of individual and group work, from onboarding and stand-ups with the Engineering ...
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Numina sensor near Grand Central Partnership

Numina announces partnership with Grand Central Partnership and Citiesense

Numina is proud to announce our partnership and collaboration with Grand Central Partnership (GCP) and Citiesense to collect and visualize waste management data for Midtown East. We are excited to be a part of this ...
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