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annotated sidewalk of people walking

Multi-Object tracking is hard, and maintaining privacy while doing it is even harder!

Tracking in Computer Vision is the task of estimating an object’s trajectory throughout an image sequence. To track an individual object, we need to identify the object from one image to another and recognize it ...
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Tara Leo Ilana Pranav and Jen in a group photo

Software Engineering Internship: A Full-Stack Experience

Interning with Numina this Spring has been an unforgettable experience. When I first had the opportunity to join Numina, I was an inexperienced, enthusiastic sophomore from Hunter College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in ...
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Iben on sidewalk in NYC

5 questions with Iben Falconer

We chatted with Iben Falconer, a Director at Gehl in New York City. Gehl and Numina have collaborated for deployments, research projects, and collaborative design sprints. She is currently working on strategy and partnerships for ...
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Data visualization examples from the API sandobx

Announcing Numina’s API and Sandbox

Today, we’re delighted to invite you to peek into the future. In this future, Numina makes streets queryable, so you can build apps on top of the world’s data. From the beginning, Numina was designed ...
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Developer’s Annotation: Downtown Brooklyn Case Study

Hi there! This post is a developer annotation of a previous analysis published on the Numina blog. In this post, we’ll go through how a developer can use the Numina API to analyze detailed street-level ...
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ward seven business partnership landscape

Proud to announce partnership with Ward Seven

Numina is proud to announce we are partnering with Ward Seven Business Partnership on “Walkable Ward 7,” a Vision Zero Grant-funded project to measure multimodal traffic safety in Deanwood, Washington, D.C. Ward Seven Business Partnership ...
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