Welcome, Summer Interns!

We’re excited to welcome our summer interns! Jasper, Leo, and Starasia are working across the stack with our engineers. We look forward to sharing some project highlights at the end of the summer!

Internship Project: Remote Sensor Monitoring using AWS Lambda

Introduction (to Internship) During the 2018 Fall semester, I applied for the CUNY 2X Spring Residency program with the hope of interning at an innovative company. This opportunity presented itself when I was matched with Numina. During my first two days with the engineering team, I learned about their unique technology stack and took partRead More »Internship Project: Remote Sensor Monitoring using AWS Lambda

Smart Cities New York 2019: Thoughts and Takeaways

Smart Cities New York took place between May 13-15, 2019 at Cornell Tech and Pier 36 in NYC. Our CEO Tara Pham spoke on a panel at the conference, and the Numina team attended some conference workshops to boot! Here are some thoughts and takeaways from SCNY ’19. Workshop: Urban Tech vs. Smart Cities: WhichRead More »Smart Cities New York 2019: Thoughts and Takeaways

Numina WiTNY Winterns Gamify City Streets

This winter, Numina welcomed five bright interns (Cristell, Elena, Iris, Jasmine, and Sherien!) for a three-week internship as part of the Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York (WiTNY) program. We were excited to work with these CUNY students on a project that challenged their technical and creative abilities. Their final project exceeded allRead More »Numina WiTNY Winterns Gamify City Streets

Redacting Image PII in the Age of Facial Recognition

Redacting personally identifiable information (PII) from images and videos is usually done as an afterthought, by which point many people have already interacted with the footage. As metadata surrounding images, such as date, time, and location, grows and computer vision techniques advance, the minimum information needed to identify a unique individual is reduced as well.Read More »Redacting Image PII in the Age of Facial Recognition

Downtown Brooklyn Case Study: Scaffolding and Safety

In New York City, construction and scaffolding are familiar backdrops of daily life, from the drone of jackhammers as an early morning wake-up call to commute detours due to an unexpected sidewalk closure or delivery truck parked in a bike lane. With over 300 miles of scaffolding in the city, at scale, these street levelRead More »Downtown Brooklyn Case Study: Scaffolding and Safety

Announcing: The Circular City

This post originally appeared on New Lab’s website. New Lab’s The Circular City Unveils New Research, Partnerships and Data to Tackle Pressing Urban Challenges — Starting with Downtown Brooklyn Year-Long Deployment of Three Startups’ Technology Yields New Insights and Solutions to Ease Congestion, Keep Pedestrians Safe in Booming Brooklyn Neighborhood — BROOKLYN NAVY YARD –Read More »Announcing: The Circular City

Our Privacy Philosophy

In starting Numina, we wanted to solve a problem that urban planners often take as a given truth: Our cities have little sense of how and how many people actually use our streets. Without this knowledge, planners end up deciding how to allocate public space using a highly quantified automobile dataset, but only a fuzzyRead More »Our Privacy Philosophy

Designing Cities of Tomorrow with Citizens

In human-centered design, the principle of designing for people is fundamental. Through observing, interviewing, and journey mapping the experiences of potential users, designers can create solutions that center around a core human problem or need. However, the target users are usually not a part of the actual design process. While they provide data and testimony,Read More »Designing Cities of Tomorrow with Citizens

Welcoming ParkIT to the team

It is with excitement and pride that I announce our acquisition of ParkIT, a provider of real-time computer vision monitoring and analytics for parking lots! Founder and CEO Jennifer Ding will be joining the Numina team as its lead Solutions Engineer, leading the delivery of new features and functionality to address the unique needs ofRead More »Welcoming ParkIT to the team