Know your streets.

Numina measures all kinds of curb-level activity. Anonymously and in aggregate, Numina delivers the volume counts, paths, and traffic behaviors of travelers and objects in streets.

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We help urban planners, mobility companies, and developers

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Unprecedented street-level data

Numina’s sensor is purpose-built for streets and easy to deploy.

See how cities use Numina

Deploy one sensor

Deploy one
Numina sensor

To understand granular traffic safety, environmental conditions, and operational metrics in streets.

Deploy a network of sensors

Deploy a network of
Numina sensors

To build a data utility that turns streets into a developer platform.

Intelligence without surveillance

Numina was designed to protect privacy as a foundational principle. Our sensors use onboard computing to pre-process and then erase imagery, resulting in datasets that are anonymous and secure.

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Make informed decisions.
Save lives and money.

Defining Accuracy for Street-Level Mobility Data

Numina’s mission is to empower cities with data to become more responsive, so they are safer, healthier, and more equitable for the people who live in them. Our platform provides vital real-time, ground-level intelligence — without surveillance — to help urban planners and municipal governments design better streets and public places. Questions of accuracy, reliability, and privacy are amongRead More »Defining Accuracy for Street-Level Mobility Data

Brooklyn Greenway Case Study: Pedestrian and Bicycle Activity in Public Spaces

While Brooklyn may be synonymous with warehouses and brownstones for many, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI) has a vision of a green, connected waterfront—26 miles for pedestrians and cyclists to move freely across the borough. Given New York City’s growing count of pedestrian and cyclist injuries and deaths in 2019, many of which occurred in Brooklyn,Read More »Brooklyn Greenway Case Study: Pedestrian and Bicycle Activity in Public Spaces

Product Announcement: Monitoring Trash on Sidewalks

Trash management can be a complex challenge in cities: Cities and businesses have different systems for managing trash pick-up, bins are overfilled, and trash overflows onto the streets. In New York City, reporters have even captured our weekly struggle in Tales of Trash Hell; in its commercial corridors alone, over 4 million bags of trashRead More »Product Announcement: Monitoring Trash on Sidewalks

Announcing Numina’s API and Sandbox

Today, we’re delighted to invite you to peek into the future. In this future, Numina makes streets queryable, so you can build apps on top of the world’s data. From the beginning, Numina was designed to gather a comprehensive view of how streets behave — not just looking at car traffic like so many platforms,Read More »Announcing Numina’s API and Sandbox

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