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We make cities more walkable,
bikeable, equitable — with data.

Numina is the only computer vision sensor solution purpose-built for streets and designed from Day 1 to provide Intelligence without Surveillance.

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More than 1/2 of all humans now live in cities.

Expected to grow to 66% by 2050.1


Increase in pedestrian deaths since 2008

People of color are 54% more likely to be hit by a car, and people over 65 years old are 68% more likely to be killed. 2, 3


Annual health costs in the USA caused by physical inactivity

Physical inactivity accounts for about 11% of premature deaths. 4

Our focus

More walkable, bikeable, connected streets mean more vibrant, prosperous, and resilient places.

Everyone wants more livable places, but few agree on how to get there. There are many ideas about how to improve our neighborhoods. We seek to help cities get to the right answer, faster and more equitably, with a data-driven approach.

Numina measures where and how things move at street level.

Existing traffic management is car-focused and prohibitively expensive, prioritizing automotive throughput over access, safety and vibrancy. Numina is a plug-and-play solution to measure activity in streets and harness data to make places safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable for people.

The solution just for public spaces is here.

Numina is purpose-built for streets and parks. We work with cities’ existing work flows and infrastructure. In addition to offering our advanced technology, we also approach cities with innovative business models and share best practices across our communities — making it easy for cities to adopt.

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