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Do more than count.

Numina measures what, where, when, and how things move in streets and open space. This data helps city planners, mobility companies, and other stakeholders design better systems for people, bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and more.


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Our sensor is a standalone
solution to street metrics

  • Plug-and-play

    Easy to install, aim, and activate via mobile app

  • Deploy-anywhere

    Attaches to any fixed infrastructure with standard mounting kits

  • Safe and secure

    Gold-standard secure-by-design practices like mutual authentication and strong encryption

Data transmits over cellphone network to your desktop.

Most users will never touch hardware — just access your data online, with minute-by-minute updates and ability to export ready-to-use reports in many formats.

The API for streets, to power your applications

For developers, the Numina API is available for applications in mobility, real estate, automotive, insurance, and more.

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See Numina in action

Explore live data from projects around the world.

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