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Welcoming ParkIT to the team

It is with excitement and pride that I announce our acquisition of ParkIT, a provider of real-time computer vision monitoring and analytics for parking lots! Founder and CEO Jennifer Ding will be joining the Numina team as its lead Solutions Engineer, leading the delivery of new features and functionality to address the unique needs of each of our customers.

Founders Jennifer Ding and Luis Godinez created ParkIT to help parking lot operators better understand how their spaces are used and to enable them to use those insights to improve their operations. Backed by Jaguar Land Rover Ventures and with advisors Chris George, CJ Barberan, and Brian Truong, the company built a proprietary system that deployed with customers like University of Michigan and the City of Louisville.

Jennifer Ding (left) with the other Launch winners at the 2017 Austin WeWork Creator Awards

Numina’s CTO, Ilan Goodman, shared, “I first met Jennifer when she was piloting her system for her senior engineering project at Rice University. It was exciting to watch her and her team turn that project into a valuable product with happy customers! I’m so happy to have her join the engineering team at Numina, and looking forward to seeing what we can build together.”

Jennifer and team have stood out as thoughtful listeners. She strives to understand her customers deeply and bring unique insights and energy to problem-solving for them. I am excited to see Jennifer bring this passion to Numina’s larger opportunity of public realm, multimodal transportation, and the many types of customers that make up city ecosystems. Jennifer’s experience will help us tailor our solutions to address the specific operational challenges our customers face, and deliver quantifiable improvements to public and private operations alike.

We look forward to working with Jennifer and the ParkIT team to pursue our shared vision of more responsive, connected, efficient, and equitable cities!