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Recap from APBP PDS 2017

Numina employees at APBP

We’ve had four jam-packed days of panels, new people, and learning at the APBP Professional Development Seminar in Memphis, TN. Our major takeaway:

Collaboration is key.

Collaboration between departments, collaboration with private enterprises, collaboration with the community — all of these are essential to bringing proposed infrastructure to life. We saw great examples of the Ohio Department of Transportation merging with the Department of Health to launch an overwhelmingly successful active transportation campaign, city government partnering with local yoga studios to bring out thousands of people to a pop-up event, and tactical urbanists working with community leaders to develop welcomed solutions for specific neighborhoods.

Every speaker agreed: Collaboration and partnerships are the driving forces behind most, if not all, successful projects.

With this insight in mind, the Numina team has reaffirmed its dedication to great partnerships and hopes to foster collaboration with bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure advocates at all levels by providing means of collecting reliable and accessible data.