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Our Values


We are future-focused. We solve big, difficult problems with innovative solutions. We consider our long-term impact and prioritize sustainability: environmental, economic, and of our own company culture.


We are human-centered in all that we do. Numina measures and enables better human experiences in cities. We include diverse perspectives to deliver the best product. We work to make places more accessible for everyone.


We are intentional. We practice Privacy-by-Design, which means we are thoughtful about what data we collect, how we manage that data, and why. We plan for the effects of our decisions on communities, policy, collaborators, and our co-workers.


We are accountable. We take our responsibility working in the public realm seriously. When we mess up, we own it and fix it. We are results-oriented.


We respect one another, our customers, and the communities where we work. We believe locals are the experts in where they live, work, and play, and we take time to understand their needs.

The 5 words above constitute our company values. These values reflect the nature, motivations, and goals of the company, as demonstrated in our regular practices, daily operations, and product. Last updated November 13, 2020.