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Numina selected as a Top-5 Global Smart City Solution

This week, Numina has the honor of presenting to over 17,000 visitors and more than 700 cities at the center of the Smart City Expo & World Congress, as one of the event’s five most innovative solutions selected in its Call for Solutions. It was a very competitive process, and we’re excited that Numina has resonated with the World Congress as a groundbreaking tool for cities to measure street activity and enable urban automation.

In the street scene, you can draw and select regions (example shown here in blue) to isolate pedestrian travel paths and the volume analytics associated with those paths.

At SCEWC17, we will be demonstrating our next-generation dashboard. It will include our existing volume analytics and travel-path mapping — as well as new capabilities for draw-your-own screen-lines and polygons to parse data within each street view itself.

This feature enables one or two Numina sensors to fully cover a street scene and provide more and higher-quality data than a dozen traditional traffic sensors would be able to detect in a typical intersection. By linking these distinct, user-generated screen-lines and polygons to municipal and enterprise services, Numina becomes an actuator network that detects specific events in streets and triggers a real-time response from the city.

If you’d like a demo, please reach out to us at If you share our vision for more responsive cities and would like to work on our product, we’re hiring! Please email your qualifications and a note to